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Electrical job being done.Blakeslee Electrical Contractors is a leading electrical company that covers a wide range of professional activities from installation to electrical repair and maintenance of new and existing infrastructure and components. We are glad to offer the best electrician service to the residents of Port Pierce, FL. We are at the disposal of our clients during the whole working week, Monday through Friday. To meet with us, you do not need a preliminary appointment. Just contact us and we are ready to assist you with whatever electrical problem you may experience. Please note that we accept cards, DC, checks as well as cash payments.

Maybe you are a single mother who needs to ask her accommodating neighbor for a help-out every time an electrical issue occurs in her house. Even if you are a well-trained husband who usually takes these kinds of issues as duties at home, you better not! The work of the electrician is a very serious undertaking. It is not recommended for inexperienced people or those who are not professionals to handle electrical work. Apart from the fact that it can complicate and worsen the problem, it can also be dangerous to the person and even lead to fatal consequences. Is it not time to re-think the old habit and turn to a professional?

Blakeslee Electrical Contractors
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Blakeslee Electrical Contractors is a professional electrical company that is glad to be at your disposal and help you out with whatever problem you may experience. We successfully work with a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial customers. Is it time to fix or replace your old electrical system? We offer electrical repair and maintenance services to the attention of our clients. Maintaining a building requires a serious attitude and electricity is one of the basic installations to take care. Electrical infrastructure has to be renewed at a regular basis as it deteriorates with time and can cause serious issues that lead to fire or deadly accidents. We have expertise to inspect your wiring system, determine and fix its weak points.

Electricians Enjoy Their JobDo you have a light switch that is out of order, or do you experience a larger issue with your electrical system such as losing power at home? We are ready and well prepared to solve your problem. We can repair your light switches and outlets, as well as further install new lighting or even specific types of lights at the request of our clients. Every professional electrician is aware of the hazards associated with our work such as electrical shocks and arc flash exposure. Hence, our team of experts is well equipped and takes the necessary precautions to minimize injuries and to work safely.

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As a child I had a bad accident associated with electricity. Hence, I always rely on professionals to take care of my domestic electrical issues. Blakeslee ... Read more reviews

Electrician at workAs an experienced provider of electrician service in Port Pierce, FL our company has competence and expertise to undertake big projects. We execute tasks for our customers from the commercial and industrial areas. If you are a business owner and you need a solution for your electrical problem, you can get in touch with us and we will be glad to be at your instant disposal. As a professional company we believe and insist on offering the best customer service. We are here to answer all your questions. Moreover, we are always ready to serve you with information associated with our professional competence. Contact now Blakeslee Electrical Contractors by calling (772) 466-6891.